Tuesday, 13 January 2015

Twitter Update

Not much happening here. Groups I follow have little activity.
I have posted a few tweets. I cannot see if there is any way to show how many people have viewed the tweets.  BUT  I have a response, somebody has replied and is following me!

I have been asked to PM, so have not replied to the tweet. Was this the right thing to do? The suspense is intense !!

Monday, 12 January 2015

Starting it all off

For this exercise I am going to keep personal and professional  accounts separate. This is business! I want a job. I doubt my prospective employer wants to know how many weetbix I had for breakfast, or how my ingrowing toenail is doing.

So I don't import all my gmail / facebook etc contacts from my personal accounts. Sorry, but I don't really need you guys to see what I'm up to (I'll let then know when I get the job!)

I don't totally get how to use twitter. I know it can provide some good, funny, interesting tweets, but just find it hard to find anything useful or worthwhile in the vast ocean of irrelevant trivia. I leave it to the TV and radio programs and news to tell me who's tweeted what.

For my purpose I can be a bit more focused. I live in Australia, I want a job in IT and I want it in Brisbane. OK, Melbourne or any other city or state will do, I'm not desperate, but I do need a job.

So, I learn about hashtags. When you tweet, use the tags to appeal to others who might be interested in your tweets.  #IT #Jobs #Brisbane and why not #Melbourne. I think that narrows it down so Australia might be excessive.

But where do I tweet? I did the first one from my account. The whole world is sat there with bated breath waiting for me to start tweeting! And off it goes. Hmmm, not many replies after a day or two.

So I start searching and find other accounts. Some of these are the equivalent of groups. Sure they have an owner, but they seem to be open discussions. So I use my tags as search terms. And I find what looks like some useful accounts. Accounts have the @ prefix :
Great - its seems to be getting useful. I'm going to have a look and let you know how it goes later. 

Whats it all about?

So, what's this all about?

  • I work in IT
  • I live in Melbourne Australia
  • I fancy trying out Brisbane
  • I need a job!
Why a blog?

It's not just a blog, it's a whole social media package.

I consider my self to be tech savvy, worked in computers and have an interest in home computing, internet etc. But I don't really use social media. Sure I've got facebook, and twitter and usually sign up for other best new fads - but I don't really use them. I don't want my personal stuff all over the place. 

But now I'm being told social media drives everything, I can't switch my phone off in case I miss a tweet or a poke - and guess what? - it can make you rich, famous, POPULAR. Now it can get you that job as well.

So after a few months of no luck, what have I got to lose?  Why not have a go and see what comes of it. 

So this is what it's all about. My journey in the land of blogs and linkedIn, following and liking and all the rest of it. From newbie to  infinity!